fP2 Lab: Fixed Point | Floating Point uses movement to challenge opposing structures such as ability vs. disability, professional vs. 'amateur', written vs. improvisation, mature vs. youth, ground vs. air. We create an inclusive environment where limitations are framed as opportunities - embracing the gray area where opposing structures converge.

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June 15, 2019

5 pm & 7 pm


Celebrating all things pop movement, music, and more! 

5 pm Show

All Ages!

7 pm Show


Love is So Fly

Saturday, 2/16/19

6 pm



Solos and duets performed by the students and professionals of So Fly in honor of Valentine's Day. Enjoy refreshments, and support both artists and company. All proceeds go towards funding and formation of So Fly's not-for-profit, fP2 Lab.


*Payments accepted via Venmo @soflystudio. Include full name of ticket holder(s). Secure today, space is limited.

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