• Sign-up for contracts via a desktop computer. Contracts include a one-time fee of $10. A minimum 30-day written notice is required for cancellation of membership.

  • Class packages never expire.

  • All sales final.



Liability and social media waivers are required for all sessions. When scheduling for your first session, click the waiver box upon checkout. It is paramount to inform the instructor of any illness or injury prior to the class.


We require a cancellation notice at least

2 hours in advance for normally scheduled group classes. 


  • Members are charged $10 for late cancellation.

  • If you have a class package, the class is deducted from your package.

  • If you are a member without a credit card on file, your membership will be reduced by one day for each class late canceled within the 2-hour window.


Cancellation policies outside group classes:

  • 12 hours for private sessions, and 24 hours for events. 

  • No exceptions. Should there be inclement weather, we will post temporary policy changes to our social media pages.



  • Fitness shoes with clean soles only - no street shoes allowed (including spin classes). The instructor has the authority to ask you to remove your shoes prior to flight.

  • No one under the age of 18 is allowed to participate in group fitness sessions unless otherwise approved by management. Teen and Kids sessions will be indicated in the name of the class listed on the schedule.

  • No one under the age of 18 is allowed to be present in the studio while class is in session. If present, the instructor has the authority to ask you, the guardian, to leave. If the instructor is comfortable with having a child present in the waiting area, the guardian MUST complete a waiver on behalf of the child. Note that this is an adult-only studio, and your child might overhear mature conversations, and music.



By nature, aerial activity is risky. So Fly Studio consults with aerial suppliers, structural engineers, insurance agencies, and building managers to ensure the facility exceeds industry standards.


Please take the following into consideration before attending class:

  • Remove jewelry and/or clothing with sharp edges, and zippers. Silks can snag which can compromise your safety.

  • Remove socks, and avoid applying lotions.

  • Avoid eating meals 90 minutes prior to class.

  • Form-fitting clothing is ideal for aerial, including high-cut shirts and leggings.

  • Aerial practice is not recommended for spine injuries, on-going illnesses, vertigo, sensitivity to motion sickness, heart problems, history of stroke, and pregnancy. If unsure, consult both So Fly Studio and your Physician prior to registration.

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